Acupuncture, Health Care and Nursing Services in North Bay, Ontario

Enjoy health care and nursing services in our private, spa-like setting, open by appointment at your convenience (evenings included). Colleen has been a Certified  Acupuncturist since 1996 and an RN since 1980; put yourself in good hands with a highly experienced nurse.

Eastern and Western-style Acupuncture and Health Care

Acupuncture needles and hot massage stones

Treatments tailored to your individual condition. Most acute issues can be solved in three sessions; chronic conditions in six. Contact Colleen Scanlan today at 705-499-6837 to schedule your appointment.

Colleen Scanlan RN RAc. BScN. provides:

  • Acupuncture in Western Style, Traditional Chinese Style, Laser, Nogier’s Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture, and Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
  • Private Nursing Services
  • Take-home Qi Gong exercises for most conditions

Allan Hirsh cartoon about insomnia and acupuncture

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