Ask Nurse Colleen: What is laser acupuncture and how does it work?

Question submitted by Geraldine Neily of North Bay

Laser acupuncture uses a low intensity infrared laser beam to stimulate the acupuncture points.  Acupuncture points are 1/16 of an inch in diameter so I use the pulse to locate the exact point.  I treat a number of conditions using laser acupuncture such as chronic and acute back pain, sciatica, and tender joints due to arthritis, orthopedic conditions and addictions.  Each point is stimulated for approximately 2 minutes.


Patients experience a picking, tingling or buzzing sensation on points which are out of balance.
How does it work? Laser acupuncture delivers energy to the tissues which is then transformed at the cellular level. The infrared beam does not actually cause physical penetration of the skin as the name might imply.  Infrared laser energy employs pure energetic frequencies of light and sound which aids in the shifting of natural flow of subtle energies through the acupuncture meridians. Western science has proven that laser affects the inside of the cell and therefore decreases swelling, accelerates healing and increases the pain threshold. Like needle acupuncture laser triggers the release of endorphins, morphine –like substances that inhibit the pain sensation.


I find laser acupuncture so effective that I often use a combination of needle and laser acupuncture to get optimal and fast results for my patients.  Like other acupuncture treatments it will not cause harm plus it is non-invasive. Thank you for your question Gerry and to hear testimonials from my patients, please visit my website at or call 705-840-2251 to book an appointment or simply ask a question. I welcome your interest!

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