Ask Nurse Colleen: Can Acupuncture Help With Addictions?

Yes acupuncture can help with addictions by helping with your withdrawal symptoms and your reaction to stress and anxiety. I also encourage acupuncture to be used in conjunction with behavioral changes which you are committed to. I once had a family ask me to treat their father to help him stop smoking as he had lung cancer. The patient had no desire to quit. Even though I informed the patient that his success would be limited he tried it anyway. This patient had temporary success but in the long run he returned to his habit as he loved it.

Try these following five steps to change an addictive habit. Ask yourself if you are really determined to give the habit up? Examine your commitment to the task and set a specific date. Try to motivate a partner to complete the same habit change and make a commitment to each other. Let your friends in on what you aim to do and ask for their help. Try to avoid places and situations where you know you will be tempted to eat, drink etc. until you are well on the way to success.

If you have a habit or addiction that you are trying to change, let me help. I use a combination of acupuncture and counseling to help you achieve your goal. I have helped many patients over the years kick a drug; alcohol, smoking and food addiction. Please call me at 705-499-6837 for an appointment. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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