Ask Nurse Colleen: Can Acupuncture Help With Parkinson’s?

Recently I spoke at a Parkinson’s support group meeting in North Bay. This support group meets the third Sunday of each month at Grace Pentecostal church on Marshall Park Dr. (except July and August). I gave the group an overview on acupuncture and how it worked. The group requested the experience of feeling an acupuncture needle and most chose to have the experience. With their informed consent I went around the room to apply the art of acupuncture to points, related to each person’s symptoms. Everyone in the group was impressed to learn, how ‘painless’ the treatment felt. By the end of my presentation which lasted in total, 45 minutes some of the group members had immediate relief of their symptom. I had to explain that it is not magic but acupuncture.

Parkinson’s is a degenerative neurological illness causing shaking palsy or paralysis agitans. A few Parkinson’s clients attend my clinic on a regular basis and they feel that they have improvement of their symptoms and less progression of the illness. The underlying cause of Parkinson’s is unknown, but symptoms appear when there is a lack of the neurotransmitter called dopamine which is produced in the brain. Recent statistics indicates that 1 in every 100 persons after the age of sixty is afflicted. Like insulin affects diabetic, dopamine affects Parkinson’s patients.

If you are interested in attending the Parkinson’s Support Group please contact Karen Boyer at or call 1-800-565-3000 extension 3371 for more information and upcoming events in your area. To book a speaking engagement by Nurse Colleen and to find out more about her and how she can help you, visit her web site at or call 705-499-6837 for a free phone call consultation.

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