Coffee, Tea and Your Health

Tea and coffee can be thought of as “system cleaners”. In fact, the ancient Egyptians made use of coffee colonics! We’re not recommending that, but here are a few points about caffeine for your consideration:

  • coffee cleans your bowels, orange pekoe (or black) tea cleans your lymphatic system
  • both are good in moderation for detoxifying your system
  • if you drink too much of either there can be side effects – too much coffee causes diarrhea and too much tea can cause swollen glands and/or breasts
  • although cystic breasts are less likely to get cancer, too much tea can contribute to the pain in cystic breast tissue, so if your breasts hurt cut down on your tea consumption
  • vary your drinking habits – switch from black tea to green or chamomile tea, or experiment with different varieties
  • cutting down? drink more water instead

Remember: everything in moderation!

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