Healthy Foods To Choose

This week we present some tips on how to eat better.


  • start at your local farmer’s market. Foods grown close to home are generally lower in preservatives and pesticides and haven’t spent weeks on shipping trucks
  • buy food in season (try L’Ami’s Garden Centre, Leisure Farms and other places of this sort) and freeze fresh produce for later
  • eat foods as close to their whole, raw state as possible – shop around the outside edges of the grocery store
  • look for brightly-coloured produce – red foods such as peppers and tomatoes are high in antioxidants

Choosing Healthy Alternatives:

  • look for the Health Check symbol on restaurant menus to help you find the best items to order
  • eat organically-farmed meats whenever possible
  • choose salmon, other fish, and chicken over other meats
  • bear in mind that ham and other pork products are the unhealthiest meat choice
  • moose is the highest-quality meat protein you’ll find; Northern Ontario wild game is a good choice
  • avoid raw fish of any sort, including sashimi, as you’re likely to find higher bacteria levels
  • avoid processed deli meat or indeed any overprocessed foods

Rotation and Moderation

  • if you drink milk alternatives, try rotating between soy, almond, coconut and cow’s milk to prevent sensitivities from developing into allergies
  • all things in moderation – you can still eat the foods you love, just don’t eat them all the time!



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