On Seasonal Allergies

Got seasonal allergies? Here are a few tips to help you cope:

  • Start taking your allergy meds as the weather gets cooler, so they’re in your system when the autumn allergens appear
  • Eat local honey (Board’s Honey is available at Bins & Bins or at the North Bay Farmer’s Market)
  • Do a thorough fall cleaning of your house – wash walls, floors, corners, and curtains and vacuum out your couch cushions. Get your furnace ducts cleaned if it’s been too long since their last cleaning
  • Replace your pillows, especially kids’ pillows as saliva and moisture can cause mold to grow in them
  • Clean your windows and the outside of your house
  • Air your hockey equipment and expose it to the sun before putting it on. To keep mold down, spray it with a water and vinegar solution
  • If your kids come home from school with cold symptoms, make sure they’re not just allergies – when the schools turn on their heating systems in the fall, particulate from the vents can cause sinus symptoms
  • 70% of your allergies are likely to be inherited by your kids, so if you’re suffering from exposure to certain things your children likely are too.
  • Acupuncture can be effective for sinus and allergy symptoms – an additional benefit is that laser acupuncture applied to the head can have a facelift-like effect – enhancing your youthful appearance while making you feel better!

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