Some Tips for Preventing Infection

Here are a few techniques and practices that will help you prevent common and/or dangerous infections:

  • Wash your hands frequently using a rubbing motion. Bacteria etc. is killed through vigorous scrubbing and not through soap and water alone.
  • Use a towel or paper towels to dry your hands after washing – the goal is to get organisms off of your hands entirely.
  • Be especially careful to wash hands well before handling food or before eating.
  • Clean cuts and injuries immediately – many dangerous Staph infections are picked up in gyms and locker rooms when you have an open wound, however minor, that hasn’t been treated. Don’t shrug off small cuts and scrapes!
  • Get enough sleep to keep your immune system at its best.
  • If you’re under stress, take a multivitamin.
  • Consume 8 cups (or 2 litres) of fluid per day to prevent dehydration. You may need more if you’re exercising or working up a sweat.
  • Many infections happen in the autumn when people start to turn their household and workplace heating systems back on after the summer – get your ducts cleaned.
  • Maintain clean living space.
  • Eat yogurt with active probiotics to give yourself a boost.
  • Try acupuncture to improve your immunity.

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