Autumn Aches and Pains

Here are some tips for dealing with aches and pains (which seem to increase around this time of year!)

  • getting a massage can reduce tension, release toxins and improve your circulation
  • drink lots of water to flush toxins from your body
  • hot baths and showers, especially following a massage, can also purge toxins
  • for short-term acute pain, apply a cold pack for no more than 20 minutes
  • sore bones can benefit from a short session in a hot tub or hot bath
  • moist heat is better than dry heat for your bones
  • barometric pressure affects the bursa (the thin layer between your bones) and eating dark or red foods can contribute to the inflammation of the bursa
  • sugar affects your soft tissues like your muscles, heart and brain – avoid refined white sugar especially but try to restrict yourself to raw sugar like that found in fruit
  • avoid caffeine, soft drinks, and fruit juice wherever possible

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