Changes to Rules for Pharmacists Means You Can Get Vaccines To Go

According to this article in the North Bay Nugget published on October 10th:

The province announced Tuesday it’s expanding what services pharmacists can provide in Ontario, such as renewing most prescriptions whether or not a doctor is available, dispensing medication to help people stop smoking and giving a flu shot to anyone aged five or older.

Now you will be able to buy your vaccines at the drug store and take them elsewhere to have them injected – you no longer need to wait for an appointment with your family doctor.

If you wish to bypass the wait, you can order your travel and other vaccines yourself, then bring them to Colleen at the clinic to have them administered. This is a great alternative if you’re in a hurry (travelling on short notice) or if you want to avoid the lines of potentially contagious people at your doctor’s office or local flu clinic. Get your vaccines in a private, spa-like setting instead! Just $25 per appointment.

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