Health Tips for Travellers

Travelling this autumn and winter? Here are some tips to help keep you safe, happy and healthy.

General Tips:

  • avoid eating raw fish outside of Canada
  • practise good hand hygiene
  • make sure you have the right vaccines for your destination
  • don’t travel when you’re pregnant, especially in the 2nd trimester and by plane if you can avoid it – your risk of venous thrombosis is higher

Travelling anywhere by plane:

  • take short flights if possible, and get up and walk around while on the plane – you’re at risk for deep vein thrombosis caused by the pressurized atmosphere on the aircraft and movement mitigates the risk
  • stand or move around in airports; avoid extended sitting while in transit
  • skip the alcohol and colas while flying – they’ll dehydrate you further
  • drink lots of water and rest whenever possible
  • get luggage with wheels and wear flat shoes
  • if you’re immuno-compromised, wear a mask on the plane

Sunny, warm countries:

  • SPF 15 sunscreen is your best bet; protection levels only increase slightly with higher numbers.
  • don’t overdo the sunscreen in the long term – be moderate in your use; 10 or so minutes a day of sun exposure is healthy and helps produce vitamin D
  • skip the ice cubes in your drink – water can carry Hepatitis A

When driving:

  • try not to stretch your neck forward to look at the road – lean your head back on the headrests
  • get out and do a back bend every so often – take breaks!

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