Question: Can massage therapy help heal the body?

Yes, recent research supports massage therapy as an excellent way to help the body heal through manipulation of soft tissue. Massage will enhance function of a structure, aid healing and promote relaxation.

Currently two Registered Massage Therapists, Kimberley Nighbor and Danielle Mayotte are working with me at the Clinic on Jane. Every client is given special attention to their needs in a spa like environment, located in the heart of North Bay.

All therapists in this old house are trained health care professionals who provide a variety of techniques and styles. Treatments are tailored especially to each client from deep tissue release to light relaxing aromatherapy massage.

Treatments are provided in a warm, private room while the client is lying on a massage table, wrapped in warm sheets. The therapist targets tissues which may include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, skin, joints and lymphatic tissue.

If you think massage may be a modality you would like to try, we’d love to work with you.  At the Clinic on Jane we take an individualized approach to your body’s health.

Your health matters so to book an appointment with an RMT or Acupuncturist call the office at 705-478-5483.

You can reach our team members directly:

Kimberley at 705-358-0977
Danielle at 705-477-3513
Colleen at 705-499-6837
The Clinic on Jane
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