Stubbed Toes, Jammed Joints

We all know the pain of a stubbed toe – and perhaps you’ve done something similar to another part of your body. Basketball players are especially susceptible to “jammed joints” because they often run into a wall, land a jump badly or catch the ball improperly. You can jam any joint, but most commonly it’ll be an elbow, finger, toe, or knee.

When this happens, the space in the joint fills with fluid and debris of the damaged soft tissue. The result is pain, which generally goes away on its own. However, if it doesn’t clear up over time, you may need to get the joint surgically cleaned out.

For most cases, however, all you need to do is wait. You can try the following things to lessen the discomfort:

  • ice it (no more than 20 minutes at a time)
  • try ibuprofen
  • treat the area gently but don’t baby it or avoid using it – especially if it’s in your foot

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