Fast Food Facts & Easy Alternatives

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Fast Food Facts:

  • A recent study compared laboratory measurements of calories in 269 food items with the restaurants’ stated calories. 19% had at least 100 more calories than listed and only 7% were within 10 calories of what restaurants claimed.
  • If current trends continue, half of people in the US will be obese by 2030
  • Fast food portions are generally much larger than a food-guide suggested serving size, so not only are you eating junk food, but you’re eating much more than necessary.
  • In terms of physical quality of life, the effect of obesity can be the equivalent of aging as much as 30 years.
  • Obesity rates among children have tripled from a generation ago.

It Can Be Easy to Eat Well

If you find yourself consuming a lot of fast food, chances are it’s because you’re pressed for time. Here are a couple solutions that can help you eat better without having to spend time cooking every day.

  • Get a crock pot – all it takes is 5-10 minutes in the morning, and you can be greeted with dinner the minute you arrive home at the end of the day.
  • Cook foods in larger quantities and pop them in the fridge for later – for example, if you boil a dozen eggs at a time, this gives you a jumpstart on a healthy breakfast on busy mornings.
  • Spend an hour or two in the kitchen on your day off – chop and store raw veggies in snack-size containers, use a rice cooker to pre-cook brown rice, or make a batch of healthy pasta sauce or a pot of homemade soup. A little preparation can go a long way, and you can use this time to teach your children how to cook.
  • Keep healthy snacks in the house – air-popped popcorn, nuts, yogurt, and frozen fruit (try the mixed berries in the freezer section at your grocery store!) make great treats.
  • Know yourself – if you always feel hungry at 3 in the afternoon and you reach for junk food, try keeping fruit or a protein-heavy snack like a container of almonds in your desk drawer.

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