Ask Nurse Colleen: Can holistic medicine help with holiday stress?

It is only a few days before Christmas and as we are all aware this brings holiday challenges of our mind, body and spirit. A holistic approach to the season can help to reduce this stress using the following natural tricks.

When you attend Christmas gatherings, consider sticking to fruit and vegetable platters as opposed to the chips, cheese and sweets. If you consume an alcoholic drink, match it with a glass of water or tea. Upon rising in the morning drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of lemon which will clean your internal organs of acidic debris. Daily walks with family and friends helps move the cardiovascular system and burn calories.

The business of the season has our minds spinning. Simple deep breathing calms the nervous system and allows us a minute to make correct choices. To calm the mind before sleeping, refrain from watching or reading news and spend your time on a simple chore such a wrapping gifts.

Christmas season is a spiritual holiday. Having faith is a calming element and North Bay and area has many avenues to find spiritual connectedness through churches, community gatherings and meditation. You may try doing a simple act of unnoticed kindness to a neighbor, such a shoveling a driveway.

From the professionals at the Clinic on Jane, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.

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