Christmas-Season Tips: Alcohol and Party Food

Trying to stay healthy and manage your weight? Keep a careful eye on your alcohol consumption this holiday season.

Alcohol dehydrates both your body and your brain, and it can literally cause your brain to shrink.  It will also cause your blood sugar to drop, which makes you want to eat more.  Salty foods can compound this problem, so beware of alcohol unless your appetite is suppressed and you’re looking for something to make you hungry.

If you’re headed to a party, eat a small snack beforehand so you don’t overeat. Rather than eating a big meal before you go, you can allow yourself to indulge in a sensible amount of party food – at least this way you’re not doubling up on calories if you’re unable to resist.

In the evening, be sure to rehydrate before going to bed. Herbal tea without caffeine is a good choice. Make sure you’re getting enough water; avoid juice because it contains all the calories of a larger quantity of fresh fruit without the fibre and other benefits.

Too busy to eat? Make a healthy smoothie with what’s in your fridge – start with water, milk or a milk alternative and add some fresh whole fruit (and even a little spinach or kale so you’re getting a green vegetable).


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