Self-Massage Points on Your Body

Try stimulating these acupressure points for quick relief of common aches and pains. You’ll know you’ve found the right points if they feel tender or bruised to the touch. To stimulate the points, tap yourself quickly and relatively lightly with your fingertips, alternating between hands.

PMS and Menstrual Complaints – on the inside of your ankle, locate the protruding ankle bone and measure 4 finger-widths up. Tap this point for relief.

Headache: Feel around the base of your skull where it meets your neck. Tap these for headache relief. Also try the center of the top of your skull.

Sore Back or Hips: Stand with your hands at your sides. Press your middle fingers into the outsides of your thighs to feel for the sore spot. Keep pressure on this point for about two minutes to relieve hip and back pain.

Stress: Find the spot in the center of your cheekbones just below the centers of your eyes. Tap for relief of stress.

Grief, Sadness: Two spots on either side of your chest about an inch below your collarbones.

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