My Fitness Pal: A Great, Free Tool

My Fitness Pal was recently discovered by one of Ocutel’s clients. It’s a really useful (free) tracking tool that charts your food intake, exercises and activities so you know exactly where you stand with regard to your fitness goals.

You can access the tool through their website, and there are also apps available for smartphones – which make it really simple to keep track of your lifestyle while you’re on the go.

You set a calorie goal based on your current weight and your goal weight and enter what you eat, then the tool tells you how many available calories you have left on any given day. Most foods are already in their database, so you can find and add them to your “diary” with a couple clicks, and there’s even a barcode scanner to help you add new foods quickly by scanning the package.

The social aspect is really motivational: you can find and recruit friends who are also using the tool, and the Facebook-like news page allows you to see your friends’ progress and encourage them (and get encouragement yourself).

The app includes charts to help you see if you’re meeting the daily nutritional recommendations, plus graphs which show how you’re doing on a daily and weekly basis.

We can’t recommend My Fitness Pal enough! Information is power, and this is a terrific tool for informing yourself.

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