Some Tips for Self-Care

If you find your energy levels depleted at the end of your day, here are a some self-care tips to help you replenish yourself.

  • Have sex! Exchanging sexual energy is a great way to get a boost.
  • Do some kinetic exercise – take a walk, go dancing, or jump on the elliptical machine for a while. It may seem counter-intuitive if you’re tired, but it’ll help.
  • Give your brain some downtime and watch tv or do some other mindless activity for a short period.
  • Find an absorbing hobby to engage in.
  • Pet the cat, play with the dog or your kids, or just play in general.
  • Make an effort to set boundaries between your work and home, so you can shift your consciousness at the end of your workday and avoid dragging workplace energy to your home or vice versa.

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