Ask Nurse Colleen: Can Acupuncture Help With Libido?

It is the season for chocolates, flowers and romantic sundry and then of course we think of kisses and perhaps other romantic overtures. So why not talk about our health and libido? Can acupuncture help with libido? Absolutely, there are specific points just for it.

Research has shown that the factors of the mind and body can affect libido and true intimacy. Elements affecting our sex and romantic drive include stress (financial), change (menopause/andropause), infidelity (real or imagined) and too much alcohol or pornography. An important note is that a lack or excessive sex drive can also be the side effect of many pharmaceuticals. These factors or a combination of these variables can mess up our libido leaving one feeling empty and lonely.

To help you reach your libido goal in a healthy manner, take a look at your life style and try to identify the factors affecting your love life. Then talk to your nurse or doctor to help sort out the issue. Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners have been trained holistically and will look at the whole picture including your medications, lifestyle, and listen to your previous sexual history. Once things are sorted out they may be able to do a little coaching, recommend the proper tools or counselor and then it is a matter of practice.

Currently, I work at the Clinic on Jane teaming up with Kimberely Nighbor RMT RAc, Danielle Mayotte RMT and independent administrator Sandy Kri. We look forward to meeting and treating you, body, mind and spirit so that you can love yourself and others.  Registered Massage Therapist and Acupuncturists are covered by insurance plans. Gift certificates available. We look forward to meeting you, 705-478-5483.

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