Roses: Not So Romantic?

800px-Rose_Amber_Flush_20070601If you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts and romance is on your mind, roses may not be your best choice. Why?

Roses are a vasoconstrictor, meaning that the aroma constricts capillaries and decreases blood flow. This has an adverse effect on the sex drive in women, and can decrease the ability of men to get an erection!

Consider a gift that is a vasodilator instead: a box of peppermint patties, perhaps – it’ll have the added benefit of giving you fresh breath!

Other things that can negatively affect your sex life include statins and antidepressants. Statins are a vasoconstrictor, and antidepressants can keep your brain from picking up on other people’s pheromones (the sexual-advertisement chemicals).  Need some health advice in this area? Give us a call to schedule an appointment!

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