Ask Nurse Colleen: Can Acupuncture help with Headaches?

Yes, acupuncture is very successful for migraine and tension headaches. A very common point is located between your thumb and index finger in the web. It will feel like a bruise.  Massage this point for two minutes which will release the Large Intestine Meridian and natural endorphins. Other points are located at the base of the scalp and above the temples.

Headaches plague most of us from time to time. It becomes a problem when you have to miss work or an event. The good news is most headaches can be treated. Common causes include stress, allergies, eyestrain, food and air sensitivities, hunger, muscle tension, hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure and barometric pressure. The majority of headaches are tension headaches and clients often describe a band of pain around the whole head. Tension headaches respond very well to needles and laser acupuncture.

Migraine headaches are related to circulation in the brain and may cause stroke like symptoms.

I treat clients with migraine headaches with ear pins or beads which targets a response in the brain. The success rate is very high and a big relief for frequent sufferers.

To relieve your headaches we invite you to phone and make an appointment for a therapeutic acupuncture and/or massage treatment. Currently, I work from my home at 738 Jane St.  Registered Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists are covered by insurance plans. Gift certificates available. We look forward to meeting you, 705-478-5483.

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