Ask Nurse Colleen: Can acupuncture and shiatsu aromatherapy massage help an athlete’s performance?

Recently I participated with Bike for Bibles on Manitoulin Island. This group of approximately 25 cyclists meets to raise money to support the Canadian Bible Society. I participated as a Roadie to support the bikers and provide first aid. At the end of each day, I continued to participate by providing these athletes that peddled approximately 100K a day for three days, acupuncture and or a shiatsu aromatherapy massage which was provided to reduce their pain and move lactic acid out of tight muscles.

Distance athletes often get muscle cramping which is most commonly caused by an imbalance in the levels of calcium and magnesium in the body and, or a deficiency of vitamin E and Omega 3s. As a Nurse, I was very concerned with dehydration and heat stroke as the temperatures soared into the 30’s and the riders struggled against head winds.

The support team made sure the athletes maintained hydration and electrolyte balance throughout the ride. Chocolate, Soya and Almond milk was offered at the end of ride as they contain a large amount of calcium and magnesium. The milk provides the calcium while the chocolate is high in magnesium with the added bonus as an antioxidant.

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