Ask Nurse Colleen: Can acupuncture help to heal sprains, strains and muscle tears?

Yes, the way I do acupuncture can help with muscle, ligament and tendon damage. Your health matters to me and every client is different. I will pick and choose different acupuncture treatments (needles, laser, intramuscular stimulation or auricular) along with giving the client homework. I like mixing up eastern and western models of care to achieve the best and quickest way to recovery. My goal with acupuncture is to unblock meridians or ‘rivers of energy’ to retrain the nervous system.

When clients leave the Clinic on Jane St. in North Bay I will give them a variety of home care in which they are also responsible for their own health. This includes intermittent icing, heat, the application of an essential oil such as peppermint, or an over the counter anti-inflammatory such Voltaren cream. I also include education to stretch the damaged tissue through instruction of athletic stretches or yoga moves.

Unfortunately humans are structures and since all structures are unstable we need to care and maintain our bodies for optimum performance and condition.

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