Ask Nurse Colleen: Can Acupuncture prevent the flu/influenza?

Yes, acupuncture can improve your immune system and help prevent influenza. The flu is highly contagious and can sometimes be, especially for the elderly, a life threatening illness. Unfortunately we have seen numbers of influenza soar this season in North Bay. I have a number of clients who see me to boost their general health. Along with acupuncture I encourage eating a diet rich in vitamin C and zinc.

Influenza is rarely dangerous in healthy adults sixty years of age or younger although it will make a person more susceptible to pneumonia, ear infections, and sinus trouble. Among the elderly it is known as the fifth leading cause of death, so the flu is clearly a serious infection for older people. There are many ways to prevent the spread of infection and as an Infection Control Nurse I encourage good hand washing, covering your mouth with your sleeve when coughing or sneezing and staying home from work when ill.

Some of my clients are surprised when I encourage them to get a flu shot because it increases their immune system and helps them fight other influenza like viruses. Sometimes it takes a few different angles to maintain a healthy body and prevent the spread of illness to others. For more information call or book an acupuncture treatment because your health matters. I look forward to meeting you.

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