Quitting Smoking: Did You Know?

Did you know:

  • The nicotine inhaler should not be inhaled? It takes 20-30 minutes to start to work.
  • The nicotine gum should not be chewed like a regular gum. It starts to work immediately.
  • The nicotine lozenge should not be bitten like a candy. It takes 20-30 minutes to work.
  • The nicotine patch can itch and may not be an allergy? The patch’s full potential starts in 4 hours and should be used in concert with gum or lozenge.
  • Therefore before taking a nicotine product, check with your pharmacist.

You should also know that side effects of these products can cause sweating; dizziness; shaking; fast heart beats and nausea.
Immediate response to quitting without acupuncture is craving to smoke; frustration; anger; anxiety; irritably; difficulty concentrating and restlessness.

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