Ask Nurse Colleen: Can acupuncture help with obesity?

Yes, auricular acupuncture can help with obesity by sedating the stomach. This is done by placing a small semi-permanent bead or pin in the centre of the ear conch which targets the stomach. Most mammals do not need a lot of calories to survive. With acupuncture the hunger mechanism can be sedated and thus you consume less food and feel fuller, faster. The acupuncture makes you more aware of what is being put in your stomach and gives you the will power to stop eating when full. Our bodies are designed to run on low levels of glucose and when we overeat and indulge in a sedentary lifestyle, we create a metabolic mess.

Did you think that just because you drink diet soda you’d lose weight? Or perhaps you have chosen a fad diet such as gluten free, dairy free or sugar free diet only to gain weight once off the diet. Think again, research has found that going on a diet alone will create another metabolic problem in the future. The ideal treatment for obesity is to get your eating and activity in line and use added alternatives such as diet change; medication or a complementary therapy such as acupuncture or group therapy to assist you until the lifestyle changes kick in.

Other dieting tips include: drink 8 cups of water a day; eat as much raw food as possible; remove all white products from your diet including salt, sugar and sweeteners and exercise for 30 minutes every day. If you need the extra help find something that works for you and keep trying until you succeed.

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