Ask Nurse Colleen: Gut Health

Gut health, do you have it? Did you know that the stomach is very acidic with a ph of two. It kills just about anything that is not digestible including any dirt that you may have consumed with your food (i.e. if you dropped your food on the floor and then picked it up and ate it, or if you’re eating something with your dirty hands – that is OK). Remember up to about 100 years ago we did not have running water for sanitation.

The acid in your stomach is called hydrochloric acid. Some people have more than others, and therefore get a condition called acid reflux (the acid travels up the esophagus which has a ph of four to six, burning that tissue).  In order to get/ have good gut health you need to speak to your health food store advisor to get the correct probiotic or B12 supplement. Yogurt in the supermarket usually gets destroyed in the stomach and never makes it into your intestine for gut health, although it is a good source of nutrition. Remember that food is the gasoline that fuels this amazing machine called the human body and gut health is the link for that fuel.

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