Quick Fix For Workout Pain

happy_faceHow Colleen Improved My Day With Three Tiny Pointy Things:

Hi, my name is Steph, and I’m Colleen’s website developer. A couple of days ago we were sitting in Colleen’s office and I was training her on computer-related tasks. At one point I had to stand up to point out something on her screen, and she noticed that I was struggling – I had sore (and stiff) legs after the previous day’s workout. Colleen popped 3 acupuncture needles into me, and we continued the training session. After a couple of minutes, she asked me to stand up – and I managed to do it immediately and easily, without groaning or having to grip the edge of her desk. It’s amazing what a couple of tiny needles (and a whole lot of expertise) can do!

Consider this an unsolicited testimonial. I’ve had acupuncture treatments with Colleen before, but this was the quickest result I’d ever seen. She tells me she can relieve a migraine in under a minute too.


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