Removing Dirt from Scratches and Scrapes

If your child has fallen and sustained a scratch to the skin and there is dirt or sand embedded, this is how you remove it. Put them in the bathtub and let them soak for 10 minutes. Using a baby soap or shampoo and terry cloth washcloth, gently rub it out. Sometimes letting the child do it themselves is the easiest approach.

If you do not get the dirt out it could be embedded in there for life, like a tattoo, and the child could get a nasty infection. After the bath allow the skin to dry naturally. If you see a clear fluid oozing out, these are your white blood cells forming a scab. Allow this to occur.

If the cut is an area that may get dirty again, after the initial scab has formed (approximately one hour) apply a fine layer of Polysporin and then a Bandaid, large enough to go beyond the border of the abrasion. Allow the cut to be open to the air when the child is tucked in bed for the night.

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