The 4 Ways We Get and Give Energy

Here are the four ways to give and take energy. We are always doing one of these energy transfers:

  1.  Aloof behaviour: by being aloof we are withholding our energy which others want or need. Are you quiet, reserved or private?
  2. Interrogator: by asking a lot of questions we hold the energy of the other person through our constant questioning. Do you like to do this?
  3. Drama Queen: by being highly active or verbal we hold others attention by entertaining them. Literally, do you like the stage?
  4. Poor Me: here is the person that talks endlessly about how bad their life is (even if it is fantastic) or how sore their body is. Do you like to complain?

Have fun observing yourself and others with this energy tool. Sometimes energy awareness can help us change the way we get and receive it therefore improving our relationships.


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