Create Peace on Earth

  • Plant and nurture something that grows.
  • Practice the fine art of quietness – in your car, in conversation
  • Add one piece of visual art or calming auditory sound in your work or commuting space
  • Today do one thing to simplify your life and reduce your consumption of disposable products
  • Today do one thing to reduce the consumption of natural resources
  • Today eat only plant-based foods
  • Today give a friend a hug or exchange a form of gentle touch or expression of kindness
  • Learn and practice some form of meditation or guided meditation like Qi Gong
  • Learn and practice ways to reduce hostile interactions with others

After completing a day of self-centered peace exercises do you feel more peaceful, within yourself? Only at the grassroots of each being, will peace on earth, be achieved. It can start with you.

As a random act of kindness, while fall cleaning, I managed to catch and move three spiders back outdoors to a habitat in which they might survive.

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