How To Report a Bad Drug Reaction

Recently I had a bad reaction to a medication. It is a relatively new medication and when I did my research I was surprised to find out that it is so new that there aren’t a lot of adverse reactions reported.

Mmmmm……did I sign up to be a Guinea pig? No, I wanted to get rid of an ailment I had, not add several new health concerns. I talked to my MD who stopped the medication, but didn’t know who to report the adverse reaction to. When I talked to my Pharmacist about it, he recommended that I report the adverse reaction through Health Canada. Who knew?

Here is the web site to report: Canada Vigilance Online Adverse Reaction Reporting:

As the polite Canadian people that we are, we don’t want to create waves. You don’t have to name anyone, but consider reporting adverse drug reactions. If you don’t report a reaction, Health Canada will not be able to see a trend. Just think, you could be helping your family or a fellow Canadian.

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