Last evening the little city in which I live had a dedication – a remembrance night down at our waterfront park. It was a cold rainy night, so only a handful of people gathered to acknowledge World Suicide Prevention Day. Did you know 3,728 Canadians died by suicide in 2011? As a nurse it made me wonder what is going on with Canadians’ mental health. Has our medical system failed us?

Then I thought, could it that our culture views suicide through a limited lens? Recent research has shown that most Canadians are vitamin D deficient, with one of the symptoms of the deficiency being depression and hopelessness. Then, add that to a society in which potentially lethal pharmaceuticals and antidepressants are the first thing our health care providers recommend – a recipe for suicide.

Mmm…… What is going on? Here are some thoughts to ponder:

  • Did you know you are a miracle and the odds of you being here is like winning the lottery? All the variables have to line up perfectly for you to be biologically conceived.
  • Odds are you should be thankful for your mother for procreating, since 20% of all pregnancies in Canada are aborted. A wide range of women undergo abortions; about 50% are under 25; 64% are single and 45% have children.
  • There are nearly seven billion people on the planet Earth and approximately 196 countries in the world. Thirty four million live in Canada which is a beautiful country with lots of land, clean water, human rights, no one starves and you have access to public education and health care.

Interestingly, the pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat depression and anxiety, if taken in large doses, will lead to poisoning and death. In 2007, 79% of suicides occurred this way. Suicide is easy to accomplish but is a permanent solution to a temporary idea. I would always tell my children, when going through a rough patch in their life, ‘This too will pass”.

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