Taking Risks In Life

Congratulations if you have decided to take a risk in your life to change something you do not like.

Sometimes choices make us, and sometimes they just happen – i.e. our partner leaves us or the company we work for closes. Our physical health may fail or we have an accident. No matter what the change is, the first emotion to grip us is fear, or anticipation of how it will affect our future. As you are aware from past experience, no matter what the change is, we will truly grow from it in some way.

A positive attitude will create opportunities and you will handle the change better, while a negative attitude will cause worry. Looking too far into the future will only cause the fear to escalate. I’ll give you an example. You are faced with a bike ride up a 10 kilometer steep hill and you are out of shape before you start the climb. It may seem impossible. The trick is taking small sections of the hill; let’s say small incremental goals of 10 meters at a time. If you look at the whole climb, negative thoughts may creep into your consciousness and your mind might panic and your body may fail. No matter what the outcome, don’t look too far ahead. Take baby steps towards the goal and with each small accomplishment say the word “yes”!

It is healthy to take risks with your own life and step outside the safety box – as long it is not physically dangerous or it doesn’t infringe on the boundaries or privacy rights of others. Sometimes during the activity of change unforeseen roadblocks happen. If this happens, stop, take a breath, think positively, and look at your options. You may have to walk up the hill instead of riding. Keep going toward your goal. You can do it; you can handle it. Just keep going.

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