How to cure insomnia

Here are the latest things to try to help with insomnia.

  • If you snore, open the nasal passages with a band you can buy at the drug store
  • Do not exercise after lunch
  • Do not take caffeine in after lunch
  • Do not watch the news in the evening
  • If you are going through menopause, it may be hormonal and can be cured with hormone replacement therapy. Ask your doctor or naturopath to check your hormone levels to see which hormone needs some assistance.
  • Get an app for your phone (e.g. “Twilight”) that decreases the blue-light balance from the screen as the sun goes down.

If all these things fail, I can help using an ancient Chinese recipe for insomnia as well as balancing your meridians. Call me to book an appointment 705-499-6837.

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