Assisted Suicide

Finally, we are getting someplace when it comes to honoring an individual’s choice to die with dignity.

One hundred years ago, it was much easier to die–as there weren’t medical interventions to keep us alive when quality of life was no longer possible. I am not sure if it is big pharma who has a vested interest in keeping us alive long after we are dead, or if it is the ego of certain physicians and institutions, or the ignorance or emotional attachments of family members.

I am glad to see the right of the patient is going to be justly addressed–through doctor assisted suicide; a compassionate and empathetic choice for both patient and doctor for end-of-life or palliative care.

I say Kudos to Quebec for going forward by putting in a safe, effective, and respectful regime to help people die. End-of-life strategies are being developed to help people pass into heaven in a kind manner. Our bureaucratic system of care has evolved in such a manner that dying has not always been with dignity, or with respect to the individual’s rights and freedoms.

For further information check this out: type into your search engine  “cbc and assisted suicide” and press search.

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