Goodbye to Cancer Cells

A few times a year, I use a product called Essiac to get rid of any potential cancer cells which may be floating around in my body. You can buy it at any local Health Food Store. It is a Northern Ontario Native remedy which was used by the natives to cure cancer.

The herbal tea was introduced into our modern Canadian medicine by a nurse by the name of Rene Caisse in the 1920s (Essiac spelled backwards).

If you have cancer and you are not on any chemotherapy currently, try it. It can’t hurt you but it could cure you. I have had several clients over the years that have been terminally ill with cancer and are now cancer free. I see them in the mall and at church and we hug, knowing that the gift of life can be naturally, possible.

For further information on Rene Caisse’s story type her name into your computer browser and press search.

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