Death and Dying and The Five Stages of Grief

One of my husband’s best friends is dying of a brain tumor and it is hard for me to watch his pain and grief as he watches his friend pass into heaven. To refresh my memory, I looked up the stages that we go through during this emotional time. I had first learned about the stages during my RN training in 1978 from a book I read by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross – “On Grief and Grieving”..

I think the stages can pertain to all experiences of significant grief including divorce. In my professional experience time is a huge psychological element. In a worst-case scenario, the mourning period can have a ratio of 1 year of grief for every 4 years the relationship lasted, if there are unresolved issues.

If there has been good communication and resolution of emotions before a loss, the time of grief is significantly reduced.  I think this website gives a nice short synopsis of the stages we experience: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance   If you require assistance while going through a significant loss please do not hesitate to see me for some acupuncture and talk therapy.

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