Holiday Weight Loss Tips

1401026670-300pxOn holiday weight loss: I am trying to lose the weight that I gained over Christmas, and after an all-inclusive 2-week vacation in Mexico.  I am up 5 pounds, although I am determined to get it off.

Here is what I am doing. I walk one hour a day; drink a ton of water and teas; I’ve reduced the amount of starch I eat and literally stay away from anything with sugar. At meal time I use small plates and bowls to keep my portion size down. It doesn’t help that my husband, Patrick, is such a great cook–although I can’t blame my weight gain on his fabulous culinary skills.

What I really think it was, was the alcohol that l consumed with those celebration meals. So, no alcohol either. These combined strategies seem to work, as I am down 3 pounds in 2 weeks. Do you want to join me on the quest to lose weight? Please do by following those simple guidelines.

If you need some added help I can do acupuncture on you to help sedate the stomach, increase your will power, and stop cravings–which is done by placing semi-permanent beads and pins in your ears (auricular acupuncture).

Good Luck!!

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