The Amazing Human Hand

The human handI am always amazed at the dexterity, sensitivity and ability of our human hand. It is evidenced to be the most amazing tool ever created. It has the capacity for innumerable patterns of action and engineered to work the commands of the brain. It is comprised of 8 primary bones and approximately 30 muscles along with tendons, ligaments and nerves.  It can pick up the finest speck of dust and through a football to an exacting location, 50 feet away.

The human hand comes in handy:

I love to dress them up with nail polish, soften them with hand cream and wash them often to prevent the spread of germs. They allow me to caress the ones I love; perform my work as a nurse and acupuncturist and create homemade meals. I thank God every day for this powerful tool. What do you think of your hands, aren’t they a fantastic work of art?

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