Nursing Services in the North Bay area

I am a nurse through the Nursing Agency and provide nursing services for the North Bay and surrounding area.

Nursing Skills: Occupational Health and Infection Prevention and Control Nurse, previous CIC; Registered Acupuncturist; Advocate for Women Entrepreneurs, Policy and Procedures Writer

  • Pain management through Acupuncture
  • N95 Mask Fit Testing
  • Immunizations – flu shots and TB Testing
  • Meditation – see my¬†Free Music for Meditation page on the Nursing Agency website
  • Walk-in Clinic Nurse – by Appointment

Through the North Bay Nursing Agency, I provides a direct channel between you as the patient, and the services you require. You may be referred to the Nursing Agency, or you may contact us directly, to be matched with a nurse who meets your needs.

You will enjoy:

  • The same nurse every time (barring illness and emergencies, of course)
  • Somebody you like and trust
  • Consistent treatment from someone familiar with your history
  • A personalized care plan
  • Oversight by the North Bay Nursing Agency
  • The ability to negotiate your service schedule

Phone: 705-303-8333