Spring Cleaning With an Organic Green Shake

Why not try this simple and effective shake to clean your bowel and give your body the nutrition it needs to heal any condition. Here is the recipe: Simple Organic Green Shake: one cup of water; handful of greens (organic kale; baby spinach etc); 1 tsp of lemon juice; ½ of an avocado; 1 small […]

The Placebo Effect and Cancer

The Placebo Effect: Your beliefs affect your health Recent research out of Europe, using 5,000 subjects, found that if you believe you can beat cancer then you will–and if you have been told by an expert you will die from cancer and you believe him, you will die…but from heart disease. It is called the […]

Medical Uses For Duct Tape: Warts and Calluses

I had a patient remind me the other day on how to smother warts and remove calluses. He had gone on a Caribbean holiday, and he had a big callous on his foot which was rubbing on his sandals. He did not have a Band-Aid, but had some black duct tape in his suitcase. He […]

Season’s Change

This month, we spring ahead by setting our clocks one hour forward. I don’t really like standard savings time, because I have to run around my house and change all my clocks and my watches. On the other hand, it gives me an opportunity to test my fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. It is […]

The Amazing Human Hand

I am always amazed at the dexterity, sensitivity and ability of our human hand. It is evidenced to be the most amazing tool ever created. It has the capacity for innumerable patterns of action and engineered to work the commands of the brain. It is comprised of 8 primary bones and approximately 30 muscles along […]

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

On holiday weight loss: I am trying to lose the weight that I gained over Christmas, and after an all-inclusive 2-week vacation in Mexico.  I am up 5 pounds, although I am determined to get it off. Here is what I am doing. I walk one hour a day; drink a ton of water and […]

Avocado for Your Health

Recently my husband (Patrick) and I vacationed in Mexico, and I am pretty sure a contributing factor to my holiday weight gain was Avocado. It is one of Mexico’s most abundant exports and was thought to be cultivated as early as 5,000 B.C. It is also known as “alligator pear” due to its shape and […]

Palm Reading – Chinese Medicine

Part of Chinese medicine is palm reading. Approximately 20 years ago I took a course on how to read ears, hands, feet, tongue and eyes to determine a patient’s health. It fascinated me when the professor read my palm telling me things that only I knew, about myself. So intrigued was I, I took an […]