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Spring Cleaning With an Organic Green Shake

Why not try this simple and effective shake to clean your bowel and give your body the nutrition it needs to heal any condition. Here is the recipe: Simple Organic Green Shake: one cup of water; handful of greens (organic kale; baby spinach etc); 1 tsp of lemon juice; ½ of an avocado; 1 small […]

The Placebo Effect and Cancer

The Placebo Effect: Your beliefs affect your health Recent research out of Europe, using 5,000 subjects, found that if you believe you can beat cancer then you will–and if you have been told by an expert you will die from cancer and you believe him, you will die…but from heart disease. It is called the […]

Medical Uses For Duct Tape: Warts and Calluses

I had a patient remind me the other day on how to smother warts and remove calluses. He had gone on a Caribbean holiday, and he had a big callous on his foot which was rubbing on his sandals. He did not have a Band-Aid, but had some black duct tape in his suitcase. He […]

Season’s Change

This month, we spring ahead by setting our clocks one hour forward. I don’t really like standard savings time, because I have to run around my house and change all my clocks and my watches. On the other hand, it gives me an opportunity to test my fire alarm and carbon monoxide detectors. It is […]

The Amazing Human Hand

I am always amazed at the dexterity, sensitivity and ability of our human hand. It is evidenced to be the most amazing tool ever created. It has the capacity for innumerable patterns of action and engineered to work the commands of the brain. It is comprised of 8 primary bones and approximately 30 muscles along […]

Holiday Weight Loss Tips

On holiday weight loss: I am trying to lose the weight that I gained over Christmas, and after an all-inclusive 2-week vacation in Mexico.  I am up 5 pounds, although I am determined to get it off. Here is what I am doing. I walk one hour a day; drink a ton of water and […]

Avocado for Your Health

Recently my husband (Patrick) and I vacationed in Mexico, and I am pretty sure a contributing factor to my holiday weight gain was Avocado. It is one of Mexico’s most abundant exports and was thought to be cultivated as early as 5,000 B.C. It is also known as “alligator pear” due to its shape and […]

Palm Reading – Chinese Medicine

Part of Chinese medicine is palm reading. Approximately 20 years ago I took a course on how to read ears, hands, feet, tongue and eyes to determine a patient’s health. It fascinated me when the professor read my palm telling me things that only I knew, about myself. So intrigued was I, I took an […]

Simplicity: Take The Time

It is so hard to live simply in our wonderful Canadian world of materialistic things–and fantastic opportunities for work; volunteering and activities. It is hard to be still and notice the beauty and simplicity around us, although it is always there below the hum of music; television; radio; social media and traffic. Take the time […]

The Yin and Yang of Life

The Yin and Yang of Life…In the blink of an eye everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. You may not have that chance again. A baby is born, a grandmother dies, a son graduates from trade school, a train hits a car; a baby walks; a wife and mother […]

Death and Dying and The Five Stages of Grief

One of my husband’s best friends is dying of a brain tumor and it is hard for me to watch his pain and grief as he watches his friend pass into heaven. To refresh my memory, I looked up the stages that we go through during this emotional time. I had first learned about the […]

Valerian Root to Help You Sleep

I sing in a choir at the Pro Cathedral in North Bay. One of the choir members asked me if I had any suggestions for him regarding insomnia. He stated that he could not shut his brain off in order to go to sleep. Valerian Root Tea Can Be Helpful I suggested that he try […]

Recipe for a Girl or a Boy

The other day I was doing acupuncture on a young woman who wanted to get pregnant. Because my success rate is so high, I gave her the recipe for a girl or a boy. Semen contains a slightly higher amount of female sperm; 60% girls, vs 40% boys. The sperm swimmer that gets to the […]

Reducing Stress through Colouring

The other day I was colouring with one of my grandchildren, and was surprised to learn from my daughter that a lot of older adults are taking up this craft. How Does It Help? It requires a person to pay attention to detail, forgetting about all the other stress in their lives and helping them […]

Needle-Free Acupuncture

Yes, acupuncture can be done with laser. No needles are necessary and you don’t have to believe in it for it to work. Four thousand years of trial and error has made this ancient healing very effective. Now add recently invented technology and you get amazing fast results. Book today and feel no pain, only […]

Goodbye to Cancer Cells

A few times a year, I use a product called Essiac to get rid of any potential cancer cells which may be floating around in my body. You can buy it at any local Health Food Store. It is a Northern Ontario Native remedy which was used by the natives to cure cancer. The herbal […]


My grand-daughter gave me a snowflake to hang in my back yard. It is made with birdseed and lard. She is only three, but has picked up that my husband and I love to bird watch. We have several berry trees, so we get a lot of birds in each season. Bird watching is a […]

Assisted Suicide

Finally, we are getting someplace when it comes to honoring an individual’s choice to die with dignity. One hundred years ago, it was much easier to die–as there weren’t medical interventions to keep us alive when quality of life was no longer possible. I am not sure if it is big pharma who has a […]

November is Lung Month

We breathe 22,000 times each day – and if you have lung disease such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, or sinus difficulties, this can create a major impact on the quality of your life. According to the Canadian Lung Association, and the Conference Board of Canada and Statics Canada, lung problems cost our economy $12 billion […]

How to cure insomnia

Here are the latest things to try to help with insomnia. If you snore, open the nasal passages with a band you can buy at the drug store Do not exercise after lunch Do not take caffeine in after lunch Do not watch the news in the evening If you are going through menopause, it […]