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Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir 6: Sing Gently

Ten Reasons to Eat More Almonds

Almonds are crunchy and satisfying  But almonds can also help you sleep better, boost your immune system and help you have better sex. Nuts should be part of our daily diet to help us get good fat like vitamin E. So fill the palm of your hand daily and munch away. Enjoy!   Photo my Tealia Carriere

The Truth About Hand Sanitizers

The number one way to prevent the spread of any infection is through hand hygiene. Did you know that after applying the hand sanitizer you must rub your hands vigorously together to break and kill viruses and bacteria? Hand sanitizer is fast, convenient and useful but remember it may kill the bugs but it does not clean off […]

Happy National Blueberry Day!

It is blueberry time in Northern Ontario which means the black flies are also out. Did you know that the rock loving wild blueberry bush is pollinated by black flies? Blueberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K as well as manganese which is important for bone integrity. This super food has shown […]

Winter is long, Feeling low, depressed or anxious and want to learn new skills to manage?

The Nursing Agency is supporting two new free self-help psychotherapy services: Bounce Back, a telephone-coaching program with workbooks and videos and Big White Wall, an online peer support and self-management tool. Both programs, funded by the Government  of Ontario for its residents of Ontario, are designed to help adults and youths with depression and anxiety […]

Quirky Habit

My kitty likes to have a drink, Two or three times a day, But for some reason, She will only drink from running fountain, On display. Thumblena’s quirky habit isn’t rare, It’s a common genetic trait, So if your feline will not drink, Try a running cascade. . By Colleen Neily

Qi Gong Classes Starting in January!

Colleen will be teaching Qi Gong classes beginning in January of 2018. What is Qi Gong? Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and calm meditative state of mind. Qigong is now practiced throughout China and worldwide for recreation, exercise and relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing, alternative medicine, meditation […]

Introducing the North Bay Nursing Agency

Colleen has recently started a new business, to address a need in the North Bay community. North Bay Nursing Agency matches you with a nurse who specializes in your area of need. Get consistent care from someone you like, when you need it, in your chosen location. The goal is to meet your care needs, […]

A Tip for Beautiful Skin

Get rid of skin lesions, wrinkles or age spots and say good bye to skin problems. Recently I stumbled across a fantastic way to get rid of any type of skin lesions including wrinkles, age spots, and scar tissue. Mix Red Clover Leaf Plus salve (made in Canada, an organically pure essential salve) with your […]

Business Women’s Networking Group: Meeting Tuesday December 1st at Cecil’s, 11:45 am.

The Business Women’s Networking Group meets the first Tuesday of each month. On Tuesday December 1 we’ll be at Cecil’s on Main St., starting at 11:45 a.m. Colleen and Patti Bentley (former broker and owner of Remax Legend) will be helping business women create a vision board (personal or business).  Come out and have a […]

How To Report a Bad Drug Reaction

Recently I had a bad reaction to a medication. It is a relatively new medication and when I did my research I was surprised to find out that it is so new that there aren’t a lot of adverse reactions reported. Mmmmm……did I sign up to be a Guinea pig? No, I wanted to get […]

Women In Business Social: Wed. Oct. 22nd, 4-8pm

YOU’RE INVITED!! SMALL BUSINESS WEEK Women In Business Social Wine and Cheese Wednesday, October 22, 2014 738 Jane St. North Bay 4-8 pm. RSVP (or just drop in) 705-499-6837 (call or text) Email: Bring: Your business cards Girlfriend that is in business Food Bank Donation See You Then! Hosted By: Colleen Scanlan Acupuncturist […]

Growing Old?

Have you noticed the aches and pains of growing or aging? Our bodies are always changing in small increments and we are either sprouting or decaying. Yes, just like plants, changes occur due to our genetic markers and environmental factors. The small incremental body changes are so subtle that they often gone unnoticed. The body […]

Boost Your Metabolism With Ginger

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and strengthens the muscle movements of your GI tract. In a double-blind study, 24 volunteers took either ginger tablets or a placebo. Results showed that the stomach emptied more quickly among those who took the ginger tablets. Ginger is a well-known metabolism booster. Personally I like to grate a tablespoon of […]

Qi Gong classes coming soon

We’re planning on introducing Qi Gong to the clinic in the near future! We’ll keep you informed of class times and locations as they happen.

Ask Nurse Colleen: Spring Tanning

Let’s face it, it was a long winter. Now that it is spring and the sun is shining North Bayites are getting out. Due to North Bay’s location on this planet, our tilt toward the sun at this time of year provides added ultraviolet rays. This will make our outdoor flowers more vibrant in colour […]

Gluten-Free Made Easy

Avoiding gluten is much easier than it used to be. I was at Casey’s the other day and they have a gluten free menu. Most grocery stores allow you to enjoy gluten-free options of your favourites like breads, pizza, waffles and pasta. It is important to ensure you get enough fibre when following a gluten-free […]

Post-Easter Pains

Happy Easter! Well if you have indulged in an alcoholic beverage or refined sugars this weekend, expect pain. Both have inflammatory properties that will increase joint pain, cause headache and cause general malaise. Was it worth it? Personally I ate too many deserts and my feet are swollen today and I’m up a few pounds […]

It’s Spring Allergy Season

Did you know that we inherit 70% of our allergies from a parent or grandparent? Regardless of this fact, it is spring allergy season (which is 2 weeks late this year). Now is the time to start the over the counter antihistamine (i.e. Claritin) to prevent the onset of spring allergy sinus congestion, tearing eyes, […]

What is happiness.

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. Albert Schweitzer Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory. Albert Schweitzer Read more at